Unsurprisingly, cyber crime is the fastest growing niche of the IT industry today. Last year the UK lost £1.4bn to cyber thieves, with the industry predicted to be worth $2trillion globally by 2019. “That’s okay, Cyber criminals target massive businesses, right?” Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions and more often than not, ageing hardware, SMB’s are actually a much easier and more profitable target for criminals.

As administrators, or managers, we’ve all been there. That heart in the mouth moment when either you, or your colleague cannot recover that vital document for a meeting which someone should have checked weeks ago... but the client is in the board room and someone only just noticed the document was gone. Or that contract you were working on before you went away on leave was accidentally deleted and you've come back to find it gone, and it’s no longer in the backups because you only have a weeks worth of data retention.

Some of our regular followers will note that we Tweet a great deal about Cyber Security and Information Security (#CyberSecurity and #InfoSec). There are many reasons for this, the most prevalent being that every business should be concerned by the thought of an attack because.....

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